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Advertising Kit

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About Our Readers

Members of the National Maritime Historical Society, Sea History’s
readers, are active, well-educated, avid readers and collectors. The results
of our most recent membership survey confi rm that our members are an
ideal advertising audience for an extensive array of products, publications,
establishments, programs and services.
• 91% take yearly vacations
• 73% have a household income over $75,000
• 58% purchase 6 or more books a year
• 58% collect maritime items and collectibles
• 42% are boat owners
• 78% frequent maritime museums
• 46% make 3 or more museum visits per year
• 81% are interested in marine art

Each issue of Sea History is distributed to NMHS members and other
individuals with a strong interest in our maritime heritage, including
members of maritime museums and historical societies and the captains
and crews of sail training vessels. In all, Sea History reaches over 45,000