Month: December 2015

Checking in with Columbia

We reported on the excursion steamer Columbia one year ago in Sea History 149 (Winter 2014–15). Believed to be the oldest intact remaining passenger steamer in the country, the veteran of nearly 90 years of ferrying passengers back and forth...


Remembering the "Ship of Miracles"

In February of 2013, Rear Admiral Robert Lunney presented a talk for the NMHS Charles Point Council seminar series, The Hungnam Evacuation and the Ship of Miracles in the Korean War. RADM Lunney, a longtime friend of NMHS and former...


Opportunity to Sail a Viking Ship Across the Atlantic

Do you think you’ve got the Viking spirit? Expedition America 2016 is looking for a few good men and women to crew aboard Draken Harald Hårfagre (Dragon Harald Fairhair), the largest viking ship built in modern times. The ship will...


In the Pages of Sea History 153

Here’s what’s in the pages of Sea History 153: National History Day—Prizes in Maritime History Meet the winners of this year’s NMHS maritime history competition, part of the National History Day program. More than half a million middle and high school...


Colombian Government Reports Identification of San Jose Shipwreck

The government of Colombia has announced that it has located the remains of the Spanish galleon San Jose, lost in a battle against the British ship Expedition, in the War of Spanish Succession, 307 years ago. The wreck, located not...


Free Weekday Admission to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in February

Thanks to generous sponsor support, the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum will be offering free admission Monday through Friday during the month of February. Free admission covers access to the entire museum, including the working boatyard and 1879 Hooper Strait Lighthouse, as...