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Overseers & Advisors

The National Maritime Historical Society is grateful to be able to call upon the insight and expertise provided by those in related and supporting organizations, institutions, businesses and professions.

RADM David C. Brown, USMS (Ret.)

033539puRADM Joseph F. Callo, USN (Ret.)
Clive Cussler
Richard du Moulin
Alan D. Hutchison
Jakob Isbrandtsen
Gary Jobson
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston
John Lehman
H. C. Bowen Smith
John Stobart
Philip J. Webster
William H. White
William G. Winterer

NMHS Advisors
Melbourne Smith

George F. Bass
Oswald L. Brett
Francis J. Duffy
John S. Ewald
Timothy Foote
William Gilkerson
Steven A. Hyman
J. Russell Jinishian
Gunnar Lundeberg
Conrad Milster
William G. Muller
Stuart Parnes
Lori Dillard Rech
Nancy Hughes Richardson
Bert Rogers
Joyce Huber

Sea History Editorial Advisory Board
: Dr. Timothy J. Runyan

3b16324uNorman J. Brouwer
Robert Browning
William S. Dudley
Daniel Finamore
Kevin Foster
John Odin Jensen
Joseph F. Meany
Lisa Norling
Carla Rahn Phillips
Walter Rybka
Quentin Snediker
William H. White