Twilight Return by Leonard Mizerek

The National Maritime Historical Society presents

The 2023 NMHS Maritime Art Gallery

 an exhibition debuting at the

National Maritime Awards Dinner

The National Press Club · Washington, DC

9 May 2023

Please join us at the dinner to meet some of the artists.
Then the exhibition moves to the

 Annapolis Marine Art Gallery

with artwork on display through the end of May 2023.

You can pre-purchase a painting here
before the opening of the show.

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To purchase artwork today, please contact:

Wendy Paggiotta
(914) 737-7878 Ext. 557

25% of all sales will benefit NMHS and is tax-deductible to the buyer.
Prices include shipping.


We hope you will join us at the National Press Club on 9 May for the Society’s National Maritime Awards Dinner, where you will have an opportunity to meet some of the artists and view their works, however, you need not attend to participate. Paintings purchased in advance will be displayed as “Sold” at the event. Contact Wendy Paggiotta via email at, or call 914-737-7878, ext. 557 to purchase these beautiful original pieces.

The 2023 Maritime Art Gallery will be exhibited at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, on 9 May 2023, and continue through the end of May at the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery (110 Dock Street, Annapolis, MD).

Under the leadership of acclaimed marine artist Patrick O’Brien and in conjunction with the American Society of Marine Artists, a select group of artists has been invited to participate in this year’s exhibition including selections from Patrick O’Brien along with Lana Ballot, Marc Castelli, Laura Cooper, Roger Dale Brown, Donald Demers, Lisa Egeli, Bill Farnsworth, Nicolas Fox, Palden Hamilton, Kathleen Hudson, Michael Karas, Leonard Mizerek, and Ed Parker. We hope you will join us at the National Press Club on 9 May to meet some of the artists.

Check back here frequently for additional artwork.

Through the generosity of the artists, one-quarter of all sales proceeds (25%) will benefit the National Maritime Historical Society and is tax-deductible to the buyer.  Prices include shipping.

Patrick O’Brien • USS United States on Patrol
Oil on Panel16 x 20 inches • $4,000 SOLD

Patrick O’Brien • USS Constitution Leads the Squadron in the Mediterranean, The First Barbary War
Oil on Panel •16 x 16 inches • $3,600


Patrick O’Brien • The Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race
Oil on Panel •11 x 14 inches • $2,400

Patrick O’Brien John Paul Jones at the Battle of Flamborough Head
Oil on Canvas • 24 x 36 inches • $16,000 -  SOLD

Leonard Mizerek Twilight Return
Oil on Linen Panel • 12 x 24 inches • $3,200

Leonard Mizerek Harbor Traffic
Oil on Linen Panel • 12 x 24 inches • $3,200

Michael B. KarasRolling In
Oil • 11 x 14 inches • $3,700

Laura Cooper • Merlin, 1892, Goelet Cup, Newport, RI
Oil  on Canvas • 15 x 23 inches •  $7,800

Donald Demers • Standing Alone
Oil  • 9 x 12 inches • $3,500

Bill Farnsworth • Light Show
Oil on Linen • 14 x 18 inches • $3,600

Marc Castelli • Bringing the Wind/U.S.N.A. Kennedy Cup 2016
Watercolor on Paper • 22 x 30 inches • $6,850
(Courtesy of the Carla Massoni Gallery, Chestertown, MD)

Kathleen Hudson • Blue Surf
Oil on Linen 20 x 20 inches $2,900

Peter EgeliSkipjacks Passing Licks
Watercolor • 11 x 15 inches • $3,700

Lisa Egeli • Chesapeake Vestige
Oil 12 x 24 inches $3,600

Lisa Egeli • Momentum, Hooper’s Island
Oil 22 x 28 inches $7,000


Nicolas Fox • Trafalgar Dawn
Oil on Panel 13 x 15 inches $1,400



Ed Parker • Waiting for the Tide 1877
Oil on Canvas 24 x 24 inches $6,500

Roger Dale Brown • Stories I Can Tell
Oil on Linen 20 x 24 inches $5,250

Palden Hamilton • Arching
Oil on Canvas • 18 x 24 inches • $2,200

Lana Ballot • Maine Moment
Pastel on Paper • 12 x 18 inches • $2,700