The National Maritime Historical Society presents

The 2024 NMHS Maritime Art Gallery
18 April 2024 - National Press Club - Washington, DC

 an exhibition debuting at the
National Maritime Awards Dinner

 Descriptions from the Artists

Under the leadership of marine artist Patrick O’Brien, President of the American Society of Marine Artists, a select group of artists has been invited to participate. New works by Patrick O’Brien, Brad Betts, Poppy Balser, Stephen Bluto, Marc Castelli, Austin Dwyer, Lisa Egeli, Neal Hughes, Leonard Mizerek, Kim Shaklee, Jeanne Rosier Smith, and Stewart White will be on display—and for sale. After the gala, the exhibition will continue through 31 May 2024 at the Annapolis Marine Art Gallery in Annapolis, MD, –

To buy a painting, contact Wendy Paggiotta at or call 914-737-7878, ext. 557.  25% of all proceeds will benefit NMHS and is tax-deductible to the buyer. Shipping is included.  Paintings purchased will be displayed as “Sold” during the event.

A painting that depicts a flush deck tugboat of approximately 200 gross tons with a triple expansion steam engine. She is venturing into strong winds and fierce seas to rescue a freighter

Austin Dwyer • Ships of Wood, Men of Steel
Oil on Canvas30 x 20  inches • $5,500

painting by Austin Dwyer

Austin Dwyer • The Fate of the Endurance
Oil 24 x 20 inches • $4,800

Marc Castelli • Rainbow
Watercolor22 x 30 inches • $6,850

original oil by Neal Hughes

Neal Hughes • Before Dawn
Oil12 x 16 inches • $1,600

Angelique in the Shipyard

Neal Hughes • Angelique
Oil on linen panel16 x 16 inches • $3,200

A painting of The Enterprise, a US Navy topsail-schooner built in Baltimore in 1799. She carried 12 guns and about 70 men. She took part in three wars.
Patrick O’Brien • The USS Enterprise on Patrol
Oil • 16 x 20 inches • SOLD

A painting of a ship painted with the mood and atmosphere of a typical turn of the century harbor. With an open sky to create patterns of light and shadow before sunset as it strikes the sails and reflects in the water to heighten the mood and atmosphere.

Leonard Mizerek Twilight's Edge
Oil on Canvas • 16 x 20 inches • SOLD

Leonard Mizerek original oil painting

Leonard Mizerek Shrimper at Day's End
Oil  • 12 x 16 inches • $2,500

watercolor by Bluto

Stephen Bluto • The Chase
Watercolor • 27 x 18 inches • $5,000

Stephen Bluto • Going Home
Watercolor • 20 x 13.5 inches • $4,000

original oil by Lisa Egeli

Lisa Egeli • Hooper Island Study
Oil • 9 x 12 inches • SOLD

crashing waves

Jeanne Rosier Smith Flip Turn
Pastel • 15 x 30 inches • $3,300

pastel by Smith

Jeanne Rosier Smith Morning's First Kiss
Pastel • 12 x 24 inches • SALE PENDING

A painting of the early morning mist with gulls among the ocean breakers with the sun rising above the horizon, the sea is bathed in a rosy glow in a panoramic format for capturing the story of wave action.

Jeanne Rosier Smith Morning Rollers
Pastel • 10 x 30 inches • SOLD

A painting of waves washing over the cliffs at Point Prim, Nova Scotia during a November gale when a mass of water that was a wave is thrown up into the air with great force. The painting shows the sheets and layers of spray falling back upon the rocks and the sea.

Poppy Balser • Curtains of Spray
Watercolor • 12 x 16 inches • $1,300

A painting of the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta with the race boats entering Camden Harbor.

Poppy Balser • Onward!
Watercolor • 12 x 16 inches • $1,300

 In this painting artist Neal Hughes is working on a large painting of a wooden yacht which is behind him. He’s placed his easel against the afternoon sun and has to turn around frequently to observe his subject. The splash of red is his collapsible wagon to carry all of his gear.Stewart White Painting at a Boatyard
Watercolor • 12 x 17 inches • $1,800

A view of the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St Michaels, Maryland with men working. On the far left under the canopy is The Dove, a reconstruction of a 17th century vessel that has since been put to sea. In the near right is the ship Delaware being rebuilt.

Stewart White Busy at the Boatyard
Oil on Canvas • 24 x 48 inches • $5,800

Brad Betts Morning on the Marsh
Oil • 8 x 10 inches • $1,200

Betts image of fair winds

Brad Betts Fair Winds and Following Seas
Oil • 24 x 18 inches • $5,200

bronze flower and dragonfly

Kim Shaklee Shimmering Jewel
Bronze Edition of 45 (3 remaining in Edition)
4" H x 5" W x 7" L • $1,295