Stanley Haas

Award Recipient

Stanley B. Haas led the team aboard the tanker Manhattan in the expedition to prove that a commercial vessel could traverse the Northwest Passage from the American East Coast to…

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James W. Cheevers

James Cheevers USNA FB

In 2010, James W. Cheevers was awarded with the Robert G Albion/James Monroe Award at the National Maritime Awards Dinner. We recognized his many accomplishments in the evening’s awards dinner…

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Oswald Brett

Aboard Endeavour

Oswald Brett (1921–2017) was born in Cheltenham, New South Wales. He spent much time sketching ships in Sydney Harbor and imagining the day when he could go to sea. He…

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Capt. Irving Johnson

The Peking in full sail

Irving McClure Johnson (1905–1991) was an American sail training pioneer, adventurer, lecturer, and author. He is well-known for his 1929 voyage from Germany to Chile aboard a 345-foot, four-masted bark,…

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William G. Muller

During my contented New York City childhood of the 1940’s, living near the Hudson River and  N.Y. Harbor in a time of spectacular and bustling steamship traffic that visually and emotionally so…

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