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Clay Maitland

Clay Maitland

Award Year: 2006

Founder’s Sheet Anchor Award/David A. O’Neil Sheet Anchor Award

The Founder’s Sheet Anchor Award is given to recognize extraordinary leadership in building the strength and outreach of the Society. Originally established in 1988 to honor the founders of NMHS, in 2005 the award was renamed the David A. O’Neil Sheet Anchor Award to honor the late David O’Neil (1939–2004), a dedicated Society trustee and overseer.

A recipient of the David A. O’Neil Sheet Anchor Award in 2006, Clay Maitland has worked in the shipping industry since graduation from law school in 1968. Mr. Maitland has been employed by International Registries, Inc. for 35 years and is now a managing partner of the company, which administers the Marshall Islands Ship Registry-the third largest registry in the world. He is President of the Trust Company of the Marshall Islands (TCMI), the statutory Maritime Administrator of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Prior to the year 2000, Mr. Maitland held similar positions with regard to the maritime administration of the Republic of Liberia.

Among his other affiliations are: Director of the Coast Guard Foundation; Member of the American Bureau of Shipping, and of the National Cargo Bureau; Founding Chairman of the North American Maritime Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), Chairman of the North American Maritime Ministry Association (NAMMA) Industry Advisory Board; Member of the American Bar Association, New York City Bar Association and Maritime Law Association of the United States; former Chairman of the National Maritime Historical Society; former Chair of the Admiralty Committee of the New York City Bar Association, and of the Committee on Intergovernmental Organizations of the Maritime Law Association of the United States (MLA). Mr. Maitland has served as a delegate to the Legal Committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Clay Maitland received the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters from the State University of New York Maritime College in 2006, and was awarded the US Coast Guard’s Distinguished Public Service Award in 2010.

Clay Maitland is NMHS chairman emeritus and trustee. He developed the Society’s strategic plans that included a strong fiscal foundation. He has an intense interest in and great knowledge of maritime history.


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