Award Recipients

Norman Carathanasis

Norman Carathanasis

Award Year: 2006

Volunteer Appreciation Award

The Volunteer Appreciation Award has been presented since 1996 in grateful recognition of the enduring dedication of outstanding volunteers of the National Maritime Historical Society.

Retired in 1996 and moved to Southport, NC in 1997 and asked myself what do I do to keep out of my wife’s hair? Volunteer! I discovered there is a maritime museum in Southport and quickly volunteered. Initially, minimal work like sweeping floors but soon started painting, building shelves, etc.. Several years ago the museum acquired a property that was home to Sunny Point enlisted personnel. This required extensive renovation and I continue to work there both manually as well as using my seafaring knowledge to teach young people about making the sea their profession and what it takes to do so.

My schooling at NY Maritime College prepared me well for my vocation as well as my advocation. I believe it is very important to teach young people what hard work and ambition can do for their future. We distribute extra copies of Sea History both at the museum as well as at the Southport Wooden Boat Show each year. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has caused us to cancel this year. I still collect aluminum cans that the staff saves as well as other scrap metal which has paid over $300 in one year. This is extra money for the Friends of the Maritime Museum and the little extras the state does not have the fund for or so they tell us.

Regards to all,
Norman Carathanasis