National Maritime Historical Society Library & Collections

NMHS Receives National Maritime Heritage Grant for Maritime Library & Collections Project


The National Maritime Historical Society is the proud recipient of a $50,000 matching grant award from the National Park Service through the National Maritime Heritage Grant (NMHG) program for its maritime library and digital collections project. As part of this education initiative, the Society will receive the maximum grant amount to assess, catalog, digitize and preserve our 8,000 volume maritime library, making it accessible to the public both online and at our headquarters. The project also includes assessing, cataloging, digitizing and preserving the Society’s extensive archives collection of photographs, maps, charts, vessel plans, pamphlets, journals, newspaper articles, works of art, ship models and fragments of maritime structures and objects.

Upon completion of the project, expected in July 2021, the public will be able to visit the library to access its physical collections as well as to access the library and digital archives databases online, ensuring that that the broadest audience of historians, researchers, teachers, students and the public at large will be able to utilize the organization’s treasure trove of maritime books, archives and artifacts. 

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We look forward to working with the National Park Service on this exciting project, and to sharing our progress with you all!  For more information or to support the Society with grant matching funds, please contact us at