Winning Projects 2013


National History Day (NHD) is a year-long educational program for middle-and high-school students that involves them in a competition to research, learn, and produce a creative project on a topic in history based on a theme. NMHS is an official supporter of this program in hopes of inspiring young people to learn about their maritime history by offering special NMHS prizes to the students who do the most outstanding project on a maritime topic. Students in Junior and Senior divisions submitted projects in nine categories ranging from developing a website to performance in costume to more traditional papers and reports.

Congratulations to all of the winners listed below!


Senior 1st: Lexi Ugelow, Ronia Horwitz, Lindsay Currier, Nicholas Chapman & Maya Biswas for their Group Website “Solving the Enigma: The Legacies of a Secret WWII Code.” Teacher: James Sunderland

Senior 2nd: AnneMarie Alfama   for her Individual Performance “The Defeat of the Spanish Armada: An Increase in Power”    Teacher: Charles Willis

Junior 2nd: Michael Dello Rosso for his Individual Documentary  “D-Day: Turning Point Towards Victory”   Teacher:Matthew Hart

Junior 1st: Brendan O’Brien for his Individual Paper “Colossus of Sea Power: Alfred Thayer Mahan’s Remaking of the World’s Navies”   Teacher: Katie O’Brien


Rhode Island

Junior 1st: Alyssa Ferriera  for the Website “Tragic Tides: The Sinking of the RMS Titanic”   Teacher: Debra Hobday


North Carolina

Senior 2nd : Rachel Woodul for her Individual Documentary “The Ships that Saved the South    Teacher:  Brandon Spiece

Junior 2nd:  Tripp Hollingsworth for the Group Exhibit “Pearl Harbor”   Teacher:Kim Abbot

Junior 1st: Nolan Paramore for his Individual Documentary  “McKenyie’s Path Through Rough Waters Leads to USNA”   Teacher: Joe Hughes


New Jersey

Junior 1st: Glynnis Gourhan for the Individual Documentary “The Ripple Effect: The Clearwater Story”    Teacher: Judith Vihonski

Senior 1st: Willaim Jiao  for the Individual Website “American intelligence in the Pacific Front”   Teacher: Joan Ruddiman


New York

Junior 3rd: Matthew Jaynes for the Group Website “The Erie Canal”  Teacher: Paul Clemente

Senior 1st: Sharon Mathew for the  Individual Website “A Cure for Survey”

Teacher:  Laurie Young

Senior 2nd:  Akash Advany  for the Group Website “The Steamboat-A Steamy Turningpoint” Teacher: Mr. Scarnati