Winning Projects 2015


We’d like to extend our congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and a big thank you to all of the hard-working teachers, coordinators and judges who made this event such a memorable and rewarding experience.


Theme: Leadership and Legacy in History

National History Day is a year-long educational program for middle and high school students to research, learn and produce a creative project on a topic in history. The National Maritime Historical Society is proud to be an official supporter of this program with the hope of inspiring young people to learn about maritime history. To learn about National History Day in your state, please visit

Congratulations to all of the winners listed below!



2015 NHD CT MaritimeSM

Paige Moffat with Steven Parks, NHD Judge
Memorial Middle School, Middlebury, CT

Senior 1st Place – Website:Amistad Revolt”
Student: Josephine Bensa; Classical Magnet School, Hartford, CT
Teacher: Jeffrey Huberman

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit:Amistad Incident & Trials”
Students: Lindsey McDonald, Sommer Miller, Paige Moffat; Memorial Middle School, Middlebury, CT
Teacher: Sharon Wlodarczyk



Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “The Boston Tea Party”
Students: Tyree Artis, Daniel Fogbawah: Talley Middle School, Wilmington, DE
Teacher: Howard Bechler



Senior 1st Place – Performance: “Leadership and Legacy of a Civil War Submarine: The H.L. Hunley”
Student: Anthony Dukes; Dukes Home School, Doraville, GA
Teacher: Alice Dukes



Senior 1st Place – Exhibit: “Save the Fort! Edward Rowe Snow’s Crusade to Preserve a New England Civil War Landmark”
Students: Patrick O’Brien, Brendan O’Brien; O’Brien Home School, Ware, MA
Teacher: Katie O’Brien

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “Fearless Father O’Callahan: Leadership and Legacy Aboard USS Franklin
Student: Stephen O’Brien; O’Brien Home School, Ware, MA
Teacher: Katie O’Brien

Junior 2nd Place – Website: “Ferdinand Magellan: Resilient Leader with a Misunderstood Legacy”
Students: Matt Anderson, Kalman Baker, Casey Wood; Norton Middle School, Norton, MA
Teacher: Jack Howley



Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “Grace Hopper”
Students: Hannah Kaczynski, Alanna Myshrall; Bruce M. Whittier Middle School, Poland, ME
Teacher: MaryEllen Johnson

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: “Leadership and Legacy Behind the Guns: Rosie the Riveters on the American Homefront”
Student: Ashton Maze; Greely Middle School, Cumberland, ME
Teacher: Kathi Kearney


2015 NHD JPJ Exhibit Jack Collins Tucker SimpsonSM 300x169

John Collins and Tucker Simpson
Lawrence Middle School, Lawrence Township, NJ

New Jersey

Junior 1st Place – Documentary: “Prince Henry The Navigator”
Student: Rishab Bhatt; Grover Middle School, West Windsor, NJ
Teacher: Debra Cohen

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “John Paul Jones”
Students: John Collins, Tucker Simpson; Lawrence Middle School, Lawrence Township, NJ
Teacher: Priscilla Taylor

New York

Senior 1st Place – Paper: “King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella: The Golden Age of Spain”
Student: Edward Trosset, Cooperstown Junior/Senior HS, Cooperstown, NY
Teacher: Michelle Hitchcock

Junior 1st Place – Website: “Panama Canal: Leadership and Legacy”
Student: Benjamin McHugh; Granville Central School, Granville, NY
Teacher: Mark Vanderzyden, Ann O’Brien, Mara McCarthy


North Carolina

Senior 1st Place – Documentary: “Midget”
Students: Spencer Freeman, Tyler Phinizy, Jordan Spargur; South Central High School, Winterville, NC
Teacher: Jennifer Bryan

Senior 2nd Place – Performance; “By Endurance We Conquer: The Leadership and Legacy of Sire Ernest Shackleton”
Student: Mead Krowka; Immaculate Catholic School HS, Hendersonville, NC
Teacher: Yvonne Krowka

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “Henry VIII: A Legacy Blighted”
Student: Aylan Meyers; Swain County Middle School, Bryson City, NC
Teacher: Amber Gilliam, Kimberly Jamison

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: “Theodore Roosevelt: Leadership and Legacy Related to the Panama Canal”
Student: Matthew Blount; Saint Peters Catholic School, Greenville, NC
Teacher: Joe Hughes


Rhode Island

Senior 1st Place – Paper: “Nathanael G. Herreshoff: Leader, Naval Architect”
Student: Mackenzie Fraser; Pilgrim High School, Warwick, RI
Teacher: Alison Curry Wallace

Senior 1st Place – Exhibit: “What The Ice Gets The Ice Keeps—Ernest Shackleton”
Students: Zoey Andrade. Elizabeth Morris; St. Mary Academy Bay View, Riverside, RI
Teacher: Michelle-Anne Vasconcellos

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: “Marjory Stoneman Douglas: Leader of the Everglades Conservation Effort”
Students: Freya Badger, Meagan Heatherton; Saint Margaret School, East Providence, RI
Teacher: Laura Doliber



Senior 1st Place – Website: “George W. Goethals and the Panama Canal”
Student: Andrew Cooper; Liberty High School – Issaquah, Renton, WA
Teacher: JoAnn Olsson