Winning Projects 2017


Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and a big thank you to all of the hard-working teachers, coordinators and judges who made this annual event such a memorable and rewarding experience.


THEME: Taking a Stand in History

National History Day is a year-long educational program for middle and high school students to research, learn and produce a creative project on a topic in history. The National Maritime Historical Society is proud to be an official supporter of this program with the hope of inspiring young people to learn about maritime history. To learn about National History Day in your state, please visit

Congratulations to all of the winners listed below!



California Junior Winners 2017

Senior  1st Place – Documentary: The Port Chicago Mutiny Trial: Standing Against the Tide of Racism
Students: Mike Finnessey and Shannon Zheng
Julian Pont, Howard Bechler, Dougherty Valley High School, San Ramon, CA

Senior 2nd Place – Exhibit: Louis Zamperini: Taking a Stand for Forgiveness
Students:  Jason Diaz, Darius McLaurin and Collin Yamada
Teacher: Dan Hynes, Upland High School, Upland, CA

Junior 1st Place – Documentary: The Port Chicago Disaster
Students: Damarione Moore and Nolan Obinyan
Teacher: Kelly Le, Making Waves Academy, Richmond, CA

Junior 2nd Place: Taking a Stand for Urban Conservation
Student: Ian McKernan
Teacher: Fred Morris, Shorecliffs Middle School, San Clemente, CA


ConnecticutCT PHOTO Senior Photo Credit Rick Harrington

Senior 1st Place – Exhibit: The Amistad: Parting the Seas of Slavery
Student: Kevin Vasquez
Teacher: Rachel Brendean, Norwich Technical School, CT

Junior 1st Place – Paper: Survival of the Fittest: How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Eroded His Faith
Student: Connor Farquhar
Teacher: Mrs. Martinez, Talcott Mountain Academy, Avon, CT



Olaudah Equiano Slave Raid On Benin Coast

Senior 1st Place: Olaudah Equiano’s Influence of Abolitionism in Great Britain
Students: Mimi Diani, Ashley Ndikumand Peace Osinubi
Teacher: Brent Freccia Newark Charter Jr./Sr. High School, Newark, DE

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: Robert Fulton & the Steamboat
Students: Sarah Bock and Macy Zack
Teacher: Howard Bechler, Talley Middle School, Wilmington, DE



Katelynn Turney Rudisill Florida 2017

Senior 1st Place – Exhibit: A More Perfect Union: The Anaconda Plan
Students: Zachary Brown
Teacher: Rachael Stern, Classical Preparatory School, Spring Hill, FL


Junior 1st Place – Performance: Boston Harbor: A Teapot Tonight
Students: Katelynn Turney-Rudisill
Teacher: Erin Pickard, Bay Charter Academy, Panama City, FL



Senior 1st Place – Documentary: Thomas Clarkson’s Stand with the Transatlantic Slave Trade
Students: Jacob Grover  
Teacher: Linda Andrews, Buckfield Junior Senior High School, Buckfield, ME

Junior 1st Place – Paper: Taking a Stand to Discover the Truth of Our Origins: How Darwin Changed Our Future by Examining Our Past
Student: Lena Wood
Teacher: Jessica Kelly, Scarborough Middle School, Scarborough, ME

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: The Native American Occupation of Alcatraz
Students: Roger Keough III  
Teacher: Linda Andrews, Buckfield Junior Senior High School, Buckfield, ME


North Carolina

Senior 1st Place – Paper: Portugal’s “Age of Exploration”: A Tiny Country with a Global Mission
Student: Jordan Mitchell Porter
Teacher: Beth Robinson, Woodlawn School, Mooresville, NC



Senior 1st Place – Documentary: John Paul Jones
Student: Henry Valachovic
Teacher: Nick Moore, St. Agatha School, Columbus, OH

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: The Battle of Lake Erie: Perry’s Ultimate State at Put-In-Bay
Student: Samuel Hessler
Teacher: Connie Miller, Birchwood School of Hawken, Cleveland, OH


Rhode Island

Senior 1st Place – Documentary: The Battle of Point Judith
Student: Nicolas Williams
Teacher: Michael McParlin, LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI

Junior 1st Place – Documentary: The Great Gaspee
Students: Bhintuna Maharhjan and Lillian Lefort
Teacher: Bryan Cerullo, Nathanael Green Middle School, Providence, RI


South Carolina

Senior 1st Place – Documentary: The Last Iron Samurai: The Battleship Yamato
Student: Hunter Fairbanks
Teacher: Laura Liger, Swansea High School, Swansea, SC

Junior 1st Place – Performance: Robert Smalls: Traitor or Hero?
Students: Aaron Ford and Grant Blevins
Teacher: James Mauldin, Green Sea Floyds Junior High School, Green Sea, SC

Junior 2nd Place – Documentary: 312 Hours: The Cuban Missile Crisis Standoff
Student: Hari Kumar
Teacher: Tim Hicks, Dent Middle School, Columbia, SC



Senior 1st Place – Documentary: How Wilbur Forced End of British Slave Trade
Students: Parker Brown, Jacob Fujioka and Alex Santiago Anaya
Teacher:Leigh Shipman, West Springfield High School, West Springfield, VA



Junior 1st Place – Documentary: Ralph Munro: Taking a Stand for Orcas
Student: Kyle Wilson
Teacher:Irene Soohoo, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Vancouver, WA