Winning Projects 2018


Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and a big thank you to all of the hard-working teachers, coordinators and judges who made this annual event such a memorable and rewarding experience.


THEME: Conflict and Compromise in History

National History Day is a year-long educational program for middle and high school students to research, learn and produce a creative project on a topic in history. The National Maritime Historical Society is proud to be an official supporter of this program with the hope of inspiring young people to learn about maritime history. To learn about National History Day in your state, please visit

Congratulations to all of the winners listed below!



Senior 2nd Place – Paper:  “Conflict and Compromise: Kennedy and the Cuban Missile Crisis”
Student:  Antonia Castro
Teacher: Dan Hynes, Upland High School, Upland, CA

Junior 1st Place – Paper: “Forgotten Quasi War”
Student: Brianna Yen
Teacher: Roberta See, William Mendenhall Middle School, Livermore, CA

Junior 2nd Place – Paper: “Robert Smalls: Fighting for Equality”
Student: Julia Leigh
Teacher: Roberta See, William Mendenhall Middle School, Livermore, CA


Junior 1st Place – Documentary:  The Amistad Case: A Battle Against Racial Injustice
Students: Reid McMillan, Justin Abraham, Andy Dong
Teacher: Jean Mollow, Irving Robbins Middle School, Farmington, CT


Bridget Sheridan


Senior 1st Place – Paper: “Conflict at Sea: The Spanish Armada VS Elizabeth’s Sea Dogs”
Student: Bridget Sheridan
Teacher: Staci Garber, Caravel Academy, Bear, DE



District of Columbia

Senior 1st Place – Documentary:  To the Ends of the Earth: Robert Scott’s Final Expedition
Student: Jeffrey Tolentino
Teacher: Nate Cole, E. L. Haynes Public Charter School, Washington, DC

Junior 1st Place – Paper: “The Oyster War”
Student: Atticus Tarleton
Teacher: Katherine Fiske, Stuart Hobson Middle School, Washington, DC


Senior 1st Place – Exhibit:  Florida Lighthouses: Friend or Foe in the Civil War
Students: Baily Palmer
Teacher: Andrea Darsch, Osceola County School for the Arts, Kissimmee, FL


Lauren Snodgrass & Logan Erickson


Junior 1st Place – Website: The Longitude Act of 1714
Students: Jack Miller
Teacher: Grace Coleman, Kahuku High and Intermediate School, Kahuku, HI

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: The Tragedy of the Titanic: Aesthetics Over Safety?
Students: Lauren Snodgrass, Logan Erickson  
Teacher: Leslie Ringvette, Kailua Intermediate School, Kailua, HI



Senior 1st Place – Website: Conflict and Failed Compromise: US Excursions into Korea in the 19th Century
Student: Samuel Yoo  
Teacher: Ben Hale, John Bapst Memorial High School, Bangor, ME

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit:  U-Boats During WWII off the Coast of Maine
Student: Lucas Frechette
Teacher: Erica Swenson, Bruce M. Whittier Middle School, Poland, ME

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: Conflict Under the Sea
Student: Lydia Niedermeyer
Teacher: Cory Abbott, Bonny Eagle Middle School, Buxton, ME


Senior 1st Place – Website: The U-2 Incident: The Conflict and Compromise Between Two Enemy Nations
Students: Will Giffen, Peter Oldow  
Teacher: Julia Atwood, Mansfield High School, Mansfield, MA

Junior 1st Place – Website: The Cuban Missile Crisis
Students: Melih Yilmaz, Kaleb Phifer
Teacher: Michael DeMarino, Rumney Marsh Academy, Revere, MA

Junior 2nd Place – Performance: Notes on the Cuban Missile Crisis
Student: Nicolas Canal
Teacher: Christopher Connoly, West Middle School, Brockton, MA

New Jersey

Junior 1st Place – Documentary:  A Path to the Future: The Panama Canal
Student: Shivam Syal
Teacher: Wendy Hurwitz-Kushner, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Edison, NJ


Caroline Maxon

North Carolina

Senior 1st Place – Paper:  “The Quasi War: The Undeclared War”
Student: Caroline Maxon
Teacher: Melissa Waycaster, West Henderson High School, Raleigh, NC

Senior 2nd Place – Paper:  “Protecting the Decisions of the Deep Conflict and Compromises of Stopping the Extinction of Whales”
Student: Nicholas Homes
Teacher: Sera Arcaro, Riley Charter High School, Mooresville, NC

Junior 1st Place – Website: Diffusing the Bomb – The Cuban Missile Crisis
Students: Hunter Hicks, Hunter Howerton
Teacher: Taylor Marple, Woodlawn Middle School, Mebane, NC

Junior 2nd Place – Website: The Cuban Missile Crisis
Students: Swarap Sharma, James Heritage, Cooper Hilbert, Nathan Geyer, Noah Anderson
Teacher: Charles Geletzke III, Hope Middle School, Greenville, NC


Junior 1st Place – Website:  Herald of a Growing Conflict: The Anglo-German Naval Arms Race
Student: Samuel Hessler, Justin Osei
Teacher: Connie Miller, Birchwood School of Hawken, Cleveland, OH

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit:  Nuclear Conflict Peaceful Compromise
Students: Devin Corrington, Parker Williams
Teacher: Debbie Pearson, Tri-County North Middle School, Lewisburg, OH

Rhode Island

Junior 1st Place – Paper:  “The International Law of the Sea and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea”
Student: Thomas O’Hara
Teacher: Samantha Hedden, Saint Philomena School, Portsmouth, RI

Junior 2nd Place – Documentary:  Newport Maritime and American Freedom
Student: Sydney Van Slyke
Teacher: Kevin Holden, Narragansett Pier Middle School, Narragansett, RI

South Carolina

Junior 1st Place – Documentary:  An Allied Pact: Conflict on the Beaches
Students: Christopher Li and Zachary Huang
Teacher: Timothy Hicks, Dent Middle School, Columbia, SC


Junior 1st Place – Documentary:  The Tale of Two Ports: Conflict & Compromise in Deep Water
Student: Connor Andrew Fanning
Teacher: Michael Fanning and Tara Fountain, Gentry Jr. School, Baytown, TX

Junior 2nd Place – Documentary:  The Cuban Missile Crisis: 13 Days of Conflict that Proved Compromise is Key
Students: Andrew Dunson, Jaxson Potter
Teacher: Suzonna McFarlain, Livingston Junior High, Livingston, TX

John Cole, Leighton McGee & Nate Salzberg


Senior 1st Place – Exhibit:  Spain & Portugal: Competing for Power in the Age of Exploration
Student: Amy Herrema
Teacher: Stephanie Shimp, West Springfield High School, West Springfield, VA

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit:  The Panama Canal, Leaving an Impression
Students: John Cole, Leighton McGee, Nate Salzberg
Teacher: Ann Heaslip, Blacksburg New School, Springfield, VA