Winning Projects 2019


NATIONAL HISTORY DAY 2019: Triumph & Tragedy in History

National History Day is a year-long educational program for middle and high school students to research, learn and produce a creative project on a topic in history. The National Maritime Historical Society is proud to be an official supporter of this program with the hope of inspiring young people to learn about maritime history.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and a big thank you to all of the hard-working teachers, coordinators and judges who made this annual event such a memorable and rewarding experience!



Senior 1st Place – Exhibit: “The Tragic Construction and Triumphant Completion: The Panama Canal”
Students: Shayla Hofmann, Hannah Halmes & Bryant Burns
Jessica Culver, Ozark High School, Ozark, AR


California Junior 2nd Place Winner Aniruddh Mohan


Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: “The Bombing of Pearl Harbor”
Student: Aniruddh Mohan
Marcia Meindl, Natomas Charter School-Leading Edge, Sacramento, CA



Senior 1st Place – Website: “The Voyage of Christopher Columbus”
Students: Brandon Inahuazo & Maria Lopez
Alfred Meadows, Wilbur Cross High School, New Haven, CT

Junior 1st PlaceWebsite: “​Operation Dynamo: The Tragic Success Of One Of The Largest Evacuations In Military History”
Student: Aki Hussain
Eden Stein, Worthington Hooker Middle School, New Haven, CT



Senior 1st PlaceWebsite: “The Forgotten Tragedy: Humanity Triumphs Over Explosion of the Sultana
Students: Sophia Block & Jessica Smith
: Erin Sullivan, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Wilmington, DE

Junior 1st PlaceWebsite: “The Triumph of Actium”
Students: James Douglas Davis, Ashlynn Hemphill
: Andrew Bedell, Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Wilmington, DE


District of Columbia

Senior 1st Place – Exhibit: “Gay Marielitos: A Harsh and Secretive Journey”
Student: Isaiah Schuham-Anders
: Emily Landau, Georgetown Day School, Washington, DC

Junior 1st Place – Documentary: “A Journey of Hope: The Vietnamese Boat People”
Students: Dylan Schon, Maximillian & Tobias Zeidler
: Katherine Fiske, Stuart Hobson Middle School, Washington, DC


Florida Junior 1st Place Winners Abby Louise Self, Elizabeth Watson, Mohammed Tanveer & Henry Fisher


Senior 1st PlaceWebsite: “Tragedy & Triumph Behind the Japanese Suicide Weapon – Kaiten” 
Student: Emily Krug
: Christine Leblanc, Seabreeze High School, Ormond Beach, FL

Junior 1st PlaceWebsite: “The Day the Nation Held Its Breath: USS Squalus
Students: Henry Fisher, Abby Louise Self, Mohammed Tanveer & Elizabeth Watson
: Leigh Ann Eubanks, Creative Learning Academy, Pensacola, FL

Junior 2nd PlaceWebsite: “The Triumph and Tragedy of The Landings of Normandy”
Students: Danny Alex & Eric Zeng
: Charles Persall, Fairview Middle School, Tallahassee, FL



Senior 1st PlaceWebsite: “Operation Dynamo: The Miracle of Dunkirk”
Students: Leyou Eyob, Ella Hinton, Katherine Kim & Leah Weiss
: Adam Crawford, Lakeside High School, Atlanta, GA

Junior 1st Place – Paper: “The Tragic Fate of the Great Lakes Freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald
Student: Ethan Christopher Belflower
: Brenda Blasco, Union Grove Middle School, Mcdonough, GA

Junior 2nd PlaceWebsite: “Whaling Throughout History: Triumph and Tragedy”
Student: Evan M Smith
: Kendra McClure, Druid Hills Middle School, Clarkston, GA



Senior 1st Place – Performance: “Hawaii Workers Assist US Triumph after Tragic Pearl Harbor Bombing”
Student: Armaan Needles
: Amy Boehning, Mililani High School, Mililani, HI

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “Waves of Triumph, Waves of Tragedy: The Legacy of Eddie Aikau”
Student: Kahana Stroud
: Lisa Barnard, Volcano School of Arts and Sciences, Kailua Kona, HI


Maine Senior 1st Place Winner Sophia Meyer


Junior 1st Place – Website: “The Human Tragedies Of Maine Rivers”
Students: Sasha Jansujwicz, Evelyn Humbert
: Kathryn Kennedy, James F Doughty School, Bangor, ME

Senior 1st PlaceWebsite: “The SS El Faro and M/V Minouche
Student: Sophia R. Meyer
: Nicole Schmid, Thornton Academy, Saco, ME




Senior 1st PlaceDocumentary: “Uncovering the Capture of the U-505: One Man’s Triumph is Another Man’s Tragedy”
Students: Reena Caplan & Katherine Hendl
: Heather Carney, Westford Academy, Westford, MA

Junior 1st PlaceWebsite: “Typhoon Cobra: The Worst Storm to Hit the US Navy in Recent History”
Students: Mo Hagenbuch & Elliot Elkin
: Jason Levy, Ottoson Middle School, Arlington, MA

Junior 2nd PlaceWebsite: “The Sinking of the RMS Lusitania
Student: Olivia Kiefer
: Jacob Carleen, Rising Tide Charter Public School, Plymouth, MA



Senior 1st Place – Exhibit: “A Man and His Ship: The Triumph and Tragedy of the USS Maryland
Student: Blake Loper
: Lafayette High School, Oxford, MS

Senior 2nd Place – Website: “The Sinking Of The Titanic
Student: Emmaleigh Smith
: Elizabeth Green, Pascagoula High School, Pascagoula, MS

Junior 1st Place – Website – “The Triumphs and Tragedies of the Titanic
Students: Corgan Elliott & Bella Vick
Teacher: Fifth Street Middle School, West Point, MS


New Jersey

Senior 1st Place – Documentary: “Pearl Harbor: The Pacific Theater’s Opening Night”
Students: Dylan Byrne, Matthew Lorenzo & Akshay Minocha
: Stefanie SanFilippo, Montville Township High School, Montville, NJ

Junior 1st Place – Documentary: “A Fallen Family And Its Legacy – The Fighting Sullivan’s”
Students: Daniel Afsharzhand, Lucas Flynn, Robert Simms & Andrew Joseph Sullivan
: Christy Marella, Rosa International Middle School, Cherry Hill, NJ

Junior 2nd Place – Performance: “American Pirates or Patriot Privateers? How The Salamander Bites the (Achilles) Heel”
Student: Marshall Herman
: Alex Soudah, The Peck School, New Vernon, NJ


New York

Junior 1st PlaceWebsite: “RMS Titanic
Students: Ayseluna JoEllen Hockenbary & Jahonna Sloan
: Jerrilyn Patton, Gouverneur Central School District, Gouverneur, NY


North Carolina

Senior 1st PlaceDocumentary: “The Battles of Fort Fisher: Strangling the South”
Students: Mallik Banat and Jonah Koenig
: Chadwick Goins, New Hanover High School, Wilmington, NC

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “Amelia Earhart – A Disastrous Historic Flight”
Student: Allysia C. Lambert
: Salome Randolph, Central Middle School, Eure, NC



Senior 1st Place – Documentary: “Billy Mitchell: Crusader for Air Power”
Students: Mark Barnette & Chase Doeringer
: Michael Hoehn, Christian Community School, Olmsted, OH

Senior 2nd PlaceWebsite: “The Edmund Fitzgerald”
Student: Devin Headrick
: Dave Ressler, Lutheran High School West, Ridgeville, OH

Junior 1st Place – Exhibit: “The Battle of Lake Erie”
Student: Brianna Wagoner
: Debbie Pierson, Tri-County North Middle School, Lewisburg, OH

Junior 2nd Place – Exhibit: “Triumph and Tragedy of the Battle of Trafalgar”
Student: Sydney Ference
: Rachael Streitman, Mayfield Middle School, Highland Heights, OH



Senior 1st Place – Documentary: “Tobruk Tragedy Turn to Triumph”
Student: Chris Nelms
: Julie Noble, The New Community School, Mechanicsville, VA

Senior 2nd Place – Exhibit: “Triumph “Forged Through” Tragedy: Legacy of the New Yorks”
Students: Henry Allen Newton & Leo Cohen
: Paige Harris, E.C. Glass High School, Lynchburg, VA

Junior 1st Place – Paper: “When Allies Attack: The Triumph and Tragedy of Mers-El-Kebir”
Student: Deven Hagen
: Kelli Arditti, Haycock Elementary School, Falls Church, VA



Junior 2nd PlaceWebsite: “From Tragedy to Triumph; The Battleships at Pearl Harbor”
Student: Reagan Lund
: Renee Soohoo, Pleasant Valley Middle School, Vancouver, WA