Winning Projects 2023

Frontiers in History: People, Ideas, and Events


National History Day is a year-long educational program for middle and high school students to research, learn and produce a creative project on a historical topic. The National Maritime Historical Society is proud to be an official supporter of this program, hoping to inspire young people to learn about maritime history.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and a big thank you to all the hard-working teachers, coordinators, and judges who made this annual event such a memorable and rewarding experience!



Senior 1st Place: “Evolution of Speed by Sail”
Student: Marc Leyk
School: Murphy High School, Mobile, AL



Grace Albright and Treveon Russell: 1st Place Junior Arkansas



Junior 1st Place: “Vikings: A Frontier in Sea Navigation”
Students: Grace Albright, Tre’Nae Allen, Treveon Russell, and Tiana Ward
Teacher: Lisa Sabir, Pinnacle View Middle School, Little Rock, AR







Senior 1st Place: The Frontiers of the Panama Canal: Exploring New Technology in Medicine and Engineering
Student: Nathan Lee
Teacher: Kevin Leduc, Martin Luther King High School, Riverside, CA

Julian Hermans: 1st Place Junior California



Junior 1st Place: “The Ironclad: Frontiers in Naval Warfare”
Student: Julian Hermans
Teacher: John Schubert, All Saints Day School, Carmel, CA





Vishnu Satyanarayana: 2nd Place Junior California



Junior 2nd Place: “Stargazers of the Sea: Polynesian Conquest of the Pacific Frontier”
Student: Vishnu Satyanarayana
Teacher: Dylan Vaughan, Gale Ranch Middle School, San Ramon, CA






Senior 1st Place: Jacques Cousteau: The Underwater Pioneer
Student: Kate Chapin
Teacher: Brittany Gay, The King’s Academy, West Palm Beach, FL


Julie Ivers: 1st Place Junior Florida



Junior 1st Place: The Aqualung: A New Frontier in Scuba
Student: Juliet Ivers
Teacher: Andrew Adams, Okaloosa STEMM Academy, Valparaiso, FL






Junior 1st Place: NASA: Ocean & Void
Students: Reagan Bishop and Abigail Roach
Teacher: David McElhannon, Westminster Schools of Augusta, Augusta, GA



Ethan Byram: 1st Place Junior Maine



Junior 1st Place: Charles Momsen and the USS Squalus: Challenging the Frontier of Deepsea Rescue
Student: Ethan Byram
Teacher: Christa Bui, Noble Middle School, North Berwick, ME






Junior 1st Place: “Mariana Trench: Diving to the Unknown”
Students: Kennedy Bates and Julianna McCormick
Teacher: Norman Everett, Leicester Middle School, Leicester, MA

Junior 2nd Place: “‘By Endurance We Conquer’: The Explorers of Antarctica”
Students: Samira Patel, Shreeya Patel, Rahul Patel, and Anju Rajakumar
Teacher: Barbara Sturtevant, Marshall Simonds Middle School, Burlington, MA


New Jersey

Junior 1st Place: “Panama Canal Treaties: A Game of Debate and Diplomacy”
Student: Maansha Syal
Teacher: Wendy Hurwitz-Kushner, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Edison, NJ


New York

Jessica Charalel: 1st Place Junior New York


Senior 1st Place: An Unwanted Pioneer in An Unforeseen Frontier: Grace Hopper
Student: Jessica Charalel
Teacher: Jordan Turner, Clarkstown North High School, New City, NY




Junior 1st Place: RMS Titanic: Life after Loss
Student: Josephine MacDonald
Teacher: Jennifer Reiss, City Honors School, Buffalo, NY


North Carolina

Sean Coan: 1st Place Senior North Carolina


Senior 1st Place: Evolution of Submarines
Students: Sean Coan and Colton Styles
Teacher: Erica Imbimbo and Angus Mckellar, The Oakwood School, Greenville, NC







Marcus Mycroft, Connor Slack, and Mukund Udayakumar: 1st Place Junior North Carolina



Junior 1st Place: The British Empire
Students: Marcus Mycroft, Connor Slack, and Mukund Udayakumar
Teacher: Jerry Hensler, Pine Springs Preparatory Academy, Holly Springs, NC






Senior 1st Place: Gertrude Ederle: How One Female Swimmer Pushed the English Channel Frontier to Change the Lives of Women
Students: Brooke Gemechu, Aanya Lakireddy, Siya Lakireddy, and Areesha Nouman
Teacher: Ken Clark, Hawken School, Chesterland, OH

Senior 2nd Place: The HMS Challenger Expedition
Student: Melody Williams
Teacher: Mike Hoene, Christian Community School, Grafton, OH

Junior 1st Place: The Creation of the Erie Canal: Digging Into the Midwest Frontier
Student: Haadeya Salman
Teacher: Joe Parrino, Birchwood School of Hawken, Cleveland, OH


Allen Miller: 2nd Place Junior Ohio



Junior 2nd Place: How the Sinking of the Titanic Led to a Whole New Frontier of Safety Precautions
Students: Alan Miller and Ellen Zhang
Teacher: Rachel Streitman, Mayfield Middle School, Mayfield Heights, OH




Rhode Island

Junior 1st Place: The Underwater Frontier: The Origin of Submarines
Students: Sanvi Aggarwal, Jacob Freeborn, Navjot Kaur, and Gianna Simone
Teacher: Paul Nadeau, Western Hills Middle School, Cranston, RI

South Carolina

Senior 1st Place: “A Night to Remember (A Boston Tea Party Story)”
Students: Lorenzo Burgess, David Rincon-Rosas, Kaden Wallace, and Jordan Williams
Teacher: Adam Powley, HCS Early College High, Conway, SC


Junior 1st Place: “Terror on the East Coast: New Jersey Shark Attacks of 1916”
Student: Charleigh Hughes
Teacher: Waylon Ross, Saint James Middle School, Myrtle Beach, SC


Senior 1st Place:Gjoa: Roald Amundsen’s Journey to Complete the Northwest Passage”
Students: Chris Quintanilla
Teacher: Daniel Saenz, Achieve Early College High School, McAllen, TX

Senior 2nd Place: “A New Front-Erie: How the Erie Canal Carved Out a Modern American Culture Anchored in Expansion and Exploitation”
Students: Emily Carroll, Yuky Macias, Jenna Mendez, and Sofia McMahon
Teacher: Peter Bralich, Young Women’s Leadership Academy, El Paso, TX

Junior 1st Place: “The Invention of the Steamboat”
Student: Brady Dew
Teacher: Lindsay Carr, Arthur L. Davila Middle School, Bryan, TX

Junior 2nd Place: “Jacques Cousteau: Pioneer of the Underwater Frontier”
Student: Joseph Sharbeno-Bockting
Teacher: Bryan Cook, Copperas Cove Junior High School, Copperas Cove, TX



Jason Shin: 1st Place Senior Virginia



Senior 1st Place: “The Titanic and the Dawn of New Frontiers”
Student: Jason Shin
Teacher: Riya Patel, Oakton High School, Vienna, VA





Helen Thompson and Destiny Starks: 2nd Place Senior Virginia



Senior 2nd Place: “The Frontiers of Oceanography: The Influence of Charles W. Thomson and John Murray”
Students: Destiny Starks and Helen Thompson
Teacher: Jameson Strassburg, Jefferson Forest Highschool, Forest, VA






Henry Daggett: 1st Place Junior Virginia



Junior 1st Place: “The Trieste and Early Underwater Exploration”
Student: Henry Daggett
Teacher: Ann Heaslip, Blacksburg New School, Blacksburg, VA





Annemarie Beal and Katie Thomas: 2nd Place Junior Virginia




Junior 2nd Place: “United Paradise: How Kamehameha I Conquered The Hawaiian Islands”
Students: Annemarie Beal and Kathryn Thomas
Teacher: Ann Heaslip, Blacksburg New School, Blacksburg, VA






Senior 1st Place: “Exploration of Antarctica”
Student: Sarah Bickford
Teacher: John Keaney, The Delta High School, Pasco, WA

Senior 2nd Place: “The Attack on Pearl Harbor”
Student: Gavin Belles
Teacher: Bradley Liebrecht, West Valley Innovation Center, Yakima, WA

Junior 1st Place: “The Panama Canal: Carving a Path Through the Frontier”
Student: Oviya Raja
Teacher: Nicole Maleki, Skyview Middle School, Bothell, WA

Rylee Turner: 2nd Place Junior Washington State



Junior 2nd: “The Exploration of the Mariana Trench: How Humanity Crossed the Frontier of the Depths”
Students: Alethea Basri and Rylee Turner
Teachers: Corey Martin and Alan Plummer Northshore Middle School, Bothell, WA






Senior 1st Place: “Demersal Discoveries: Exploring the Deep”
Student: Gage Ripp
Teacher: Kathy Haig, Wisconsin Heights High School, Mazomanie, WI

Junior 1st Place: “Ernest Shackleton: Through Endurance We Conquer”
Student: Tiana Lee
Teacher: Michelle Ubele, EAGLE School of Madison, Fitchburg, WI

Junior 2nd Place: “D-Day: Operation Fortitude”
Student: Carson Thomason
Teacher: Jacob Cimino, Viking Middle School, Woodville, WI