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In the Pages of Sea History 164

Here’s what’s in the pages of Sea History 164: 


The National Maritime Historical Society Annual Awards Dinner, 2018
by Julia Church

NMHS will recognize the contributions of three exceptional award recipients this October in New York City for their decades of service and commitment to promoting our maritime heritage and for their work in maritime and naval education and scholarship.


Etching from NHHC, US Navy


Warships for South American Rebels: Shipbuilders Adam and Noah Brown Find a New Market for Frigates in South America
by James G. Brown

Shipbuilders Adam and Noah Brown supplied the US Navy with ships to conduct the War of 1812. When the war ended, their market for selling ships collapsed and they began to search for new buyers in unconventional locations.


Artist John Mecray

Artist John Mecray

John Mecray: A Celebration of Life, Art, and Yachting
by Julia Church

Artist John Mecray excelled in recreating the grace and beauty of classic sailing yachts in his paintings. But he also worked to preserve the boats that had inspired him and the skills needed to keep them sailing, founding the International Yacht Restoration School.


Bird's Eye Jamaica Bay

Jamaica Bay

The Greatest Port That Never Was: The Environmental History of Jamaica Bay
by Ray Vann

Fishing grounds, dreamed-of bustling merchant port, oyster fishery, farmland, dumping ground, major airport, nature preserve—Jamaica Bay has been the site of all of these things.  The one thing we can be sure of is that the bay will continue to change and adapt.


Shark Eats Dead Whale

A Great White shark tears into the fluke of a dead Bryde’s whale off South Africa by Chris Fallows, PLOS One (CC)

Sailing the Sharkish Seas: The 19th-Century Whalemen’s Experience with the Most Feared of Ocean Predators
by Emma McCauley

Modern popular culture has fashioned an image of the shark as a terrifying, almost unstoppable predator. What did whalemen—whose tasks brought them remarkably close to sharks on a regular basis—think of the sharks they encountered?

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Funding America’s Maritime Heritage—a New Proposal
by Dr. Timothy J. Runyan

National Maritime Alliance chairman Tim Runyan has been organizing the maritime community to press for Maritime Heritage Grant funds. Here, he reviews the history of this struggle and makes the case for a united effort to broaden our advocacy to fund maritime programs and projects.


SH 164 Autumn 2018

Shamrock V – 1995, by John Mecray (1937–2017) 20 x 48 inches, oil (See article on pages 22–26.)

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