USS Olympia 1895-1901

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National Maritime Awards Dinner and Washington Invitational Marine Art Exhibition

The National Coast Guard Museum Association joins NMHS for the 2020 gala, where three invaluable American maritime institutions will be honored for their long history of service to the country and for the critical work they perform today.


$5M Maritime Heritage Grant Funding Approved by Congress! by Timothy J. Runyan

Securing federal dollars for maritime heritage grants is an involved process. Maritime Heritage Alliance chair Tim Runyan reports on the latest efforts fighting for this valuable grant program.


Olympia icon of the American Navy

Olympia, Icon of the American Navy, by John Brady

The cruiser Olympia  came home to a hero’s welcome after the Battle of Manila Bay. A closer look at her entire career inspires a more nuanced examination of America’s emergence as a modern naval power, and the costs of modern warfare waged with the latest technology.

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Sail, Steam, and Stealth at the Independence Seaport Museum, by John Brady

The Independence Seaport Museum interprets a variety of stories about the development of the US Navy, making it a rewarding destination for visitors of all ages and areas of interest.


Mayflower Sails 2020—Commemorations for the 400th Anniversary

This spring the Mayflower II sails again after a major restoration to take part in festivities commemorating the quadricentennial of the transAtlantic crossing that changed history.


A photo of the Algonquin in Puerto Rico

Siempre Preparado—US Revenue Cutter Algonquin  in Puerto Rico,  1902–1917, by Dr. J. Edwin Nieves

Intended for service on the Great Lakes and then placed under the control of the US Navy for the war against Spain, the US Revenue Cutter Algonquin  nevertheless served the greater part of her career protecting the citizenry of Puerto Rico, becoming part of the community and earning their gratitude.


Us Navy

The US Naval War College—The Navy’s “Home of Thought,” by Evan Wilson

An incident in the American Civil War gave Commodore Stephen Luce an epiphany about the need for advanced education in military theory for the nation’s naval officers rising to command. The result, the US Naval War College, has trained generations of naval leaders.


Lisa EgeliLisa Egeli: Life and Art at the Water’s Edge, by Kathi Ferguson

Third-generation painter Lisa Egeli is moved to capture marine landscapes, often as they are in transition, undergoing change influenced by the forces of nature and human activity.



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USS Olympia, 1930, Hong Kong Harbor Salute.
Courtesy of the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia.

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