Norseman Saga: Seminar with James Nelson 3 December, 2016

Norseman Saga and Holiday Potluck party at Cortlandt Yacht Club
238 Kings Ferry Rd, Montrose, NY 10548
Saturday, 3 December
10:30 am Coffee; 11 am Lecture

James L. Nelsondraken_harald_sm
James Nelson is the author of The Two Hundred Year Invasion: Vikings, Their Raids, Their Settlements, and the Ships that Got Them There and former professional in traditional sail.  He  has written more than twenty works of fiction and nonfiction, all centered on the maritime world.

By the latter part of the 8th century, all of Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages, a violent and uncertain time. Then suddenly and seemingly without warning, a new menace swept onto the scene as Viking raiders from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden began crossing the oceans to plunder England, Ireland and the Continent. These Norse invaders came first to pillage, and later to conquer and settle. In less than a hundred years after their depredations began, the Vikings had become a major military and political force throughout Europe.

Author James L. Nelson, who has previously written on such topics as piracy and the naval action of the American Revolution, turns his attention to his own ancestors, the Norsemen, and their raiding and later settling in Europe, and Ireland in particular. He will also discuss the technological advances and unique aspects of Norse ship design and building, and how those advances helped drive the Viking invasion. Nelson is currently working on a series of novels that chronicle the adventures of Viking Thorgrim Night Wolf and company in 9th-century Ireland.

Join us for our Holiday Pot Luck Party with James Nelson after the presentation.
Please bring a dish, drink or dessert that serves six to eight people.
Reservations are required.