Tall Ship

Tall Ships

What is a “tall ship” anyway? How tall does a ship have to be? A tall ship is not actually any specific kind of vessel, but the term usually refers…

Newby Pigs


By Richard King In his book, The Last Grain Race, Eric Newby tells of his first voyage at sea. Newby served as an apprentice seaman and was often given the…

Kelly graduated with an English degree from an Ivy League university, but the only formal training she needed for her job was to attend a “new broker seminar” to become certified as an official broker, which allows her to earn a commission for booking a charter boat. Kelly says that her college education has really made a big difference in her ability to be successful. “The ability to write well and persuasively is such a huge asset because so much of my communications with clients is via email. There’s a lot of competition out there, and you don’t want to turn off a client with that first email and risk them going elsewhere with their business.” This past winter, when so many of us were shoveling our driveways in yet another snowstorm, Kelly’s job in paradise seemed, well, like paradise.

Yacht Charter Broker

The crystal clear waters of the Caribbean are always warm and the gentle breezes blow steadily, making it an ideal destination for sailing and snorkeling. More than 2 million people…


Vessels, Casks, and Containers

Vessels Within Vessels Have you ever found a message in a bottle? For centuries, people have transported items on the seas. Messages in bottles are usually sent for fun. Most…


Did You Know?

Einstein On Sailboat Billard Smoke Pipe

Albert Einstein loved to sail and he sailed his whole life.

Renowned as one of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of all time, by most accounts Einstein was also a terrible sailor! Making a boat go in a particular direction is a very interesting bit of science, so you wouldn’t think he would have had any trouble with it—but you’d be wrong.

What’s the secret to sailing any place you want to go, no matter which way the wind is blowing?

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