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Christmas Tree Ship Rouse Simmons

Christmas Tree Ship Rouse Simmons Nine in ten Americans will celebrate Christmas this year in some capacity, and more than 95 million households will put up a Christmas tree.¹ The…


Oarfish: harmless fish or deadly sea serpent?

If you go sailing in Scandinavian waters using Olaus Magnus’s 1539 map titled Carta Marina, or “Map of the Sea,” you might want to keep a sharp lookout for sea…

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US Coast Guard Public Affairs Chief

Crystalynn Kneen is the communications director for the Master Chief Petty Officer of the United States Coast Guard. That’s quite a mouthful when someone asks you what your job title…


Vessels, Casks, and Containers

Vessels Within Vessels Have you ever found a message in a bottle? For centuries, people have transported items on the seas. Messages in bottles are usually sent for fun. Most…


Did You Know?

Einstein On Sailboat Billard Smoke Pipe

Albert Einstein loved to sail and he sailed his whole life.

Renowned as one of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of all time, by most accounts Einstein was also a terrible sailor! Making a boat go in a particular direction is a very interesting bit of science, so you wouldn’t think he would have had any trouble with it—but you’d be wrong.

What’s the secret to sailing any place you want to go, no matter which way the wind is blowing?

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