Battle of Valcour Island

Hauling a Ship Over the Mountains of New England

Hauling a Ship Over the Mountains of New England In 1776, during the Revolutionary War, General Carleton of the British military needed ships to fight the American gunboats on Lake…

Pacific Rat

Kiore Polynesian Rat

By Richard King Charles Darwin only spent nine days in New Zealand during his famous voyage aboard HMS Beagle. He learned firsthand that these islands had no native mammals. Large,…


Whale Watch Videographer

I live in a little beach town on Cape Cod, and almost everyone I know here works in the tourism industry. Some work at restaurants, some sell t-shirts, and others…

Lewis And Clark

Lewis and Clarks’ Iron “Experiment”

Lewis and Clarks’ Iron “Experiment” “…my greatest difficulty was the frame of the canoe, which could not be completed without my personal attention.” — Meriwether Lewis, 20 April 1803 Lewis…


Did You Know?

Einstein On Sailboat Billard Smoke Pipe

Albert Einstein loved to sail and he sailed his whole life.

Renowned as one of the greatest mathematicians and physicists of all time, by most accounts Einstein was also a terrible sailor! Making a boat go in a particular direction is a very interesting bit of science, so you wouldn’t think he would have had any trouble with it—but you’d be wrong.

What’s the secret to sailing any place you want to go, no matter which way the wind is blowing?

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