America's Cup

The America’s Cup

The America’s Cup The America’s Cup—that go-fast modern sailing race where millions of dollars are spent on boats and gear, where the sailing crews are muscular tanned guys (and some…

Galapagos Tortoise

Giant Tortoise

When Admiral David Porter, commander of the ship USS Essex, anchored in the Galápagos Islands in the spring of 1813, he wrote: “Every one appeared desirous of securing as large…

on the museum's deck

Maritime Museum Executive Director

“I’ve got the keys to the submarine!” When Cathy Green took over as executive director of the Wisconsin Maritime Museum a few years ago, she joked about assuming responsibility for…

Lewis And Clark

Lewis and Clarks’ Iron “Experiment”

Lewis and Clarks’ Iron “Experiment” “…my greatest difficulty was the frame of the canoe, which could not be completed without my personal attention.” — Meriwether Lewis, 20 April 1803 Lewis…


Did You Know?

Seal With Plastic Bottle

Marine animals consume plastic when they confuse it for food.

Small plastics and floating objects often look like food to aquatic animals and sea birds. When they eat plastic, it often gets stuck in their digestive system, making them feel full and unable to eat proper food.

What can YOU do?
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