Algae On Boat

Worms and Barnacles and Algae, Oh My!

Keeping Ship Bottoms Free of Marine Growth Visitors to USS Constitution in Boston this summer while the historic ship is out of the water (until 23 July—see article on pages…

Galapagos Tortoise

Giant Tortoise

When Admiral David Porter, commander of the ship USS Essex, anchored in the Galápagos Islands in the spring of 1813, he wrote: “Every one appeared desirous of securing as large…

John Barber

Marine Artist

Marine Artist, John Barber by John Barber and Melissa Scott Sinclair When John Barber was seven years old, he was walking along the beach with his family when they stumbled…


Vessels, Casks, and Containers

Vessels Within Vessels Have you ever found a message in a bottle? For centuries, people have transported items on the seas. Messages in bottles are usually sent for fun. Most…


Did You Know?

Powder Monkey

The Age of Sail was said to be the domain of “wooden ships and iron men,” but sailing ships also had boys on their official crew lists.

Today, you have to be 14 years old before you can get a job in most states in the US, but in the Age of Sail both merchant ships and navy vessels signed on boys as young as seven years old as regular members of the crew.

What were these kids doing on board sailing ships?

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