A Wisconsin Historical Society maritime archaeologist dives on the wreck of the schooner Walter B. Allen, sunk in 1880 off Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

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Our seafaring history comes alive in the pages of Sea History, the National Maritime Historical Society’s quarterly magazine. The pre-eminent journal of advocacy and education in our field, Sea History covers the world of maritime museums, sail training, key events and people in our maritime past, and the stories of everyday sailors past and present, and marine archaeology, with a national focus and an international scope, as well as these regular features:

Sea History for Kids is filled with fun facts about all things nautical, from puzzles and games to articles about animals and the astonishing variety of careers in the maritime world; there is always something new to learn and discover... Check out Sea History for Kids >>

Historic Ships on a Lee Shore highlights the plight of endangered vessels.

NMHS: A Cause in Motion keeps readers abreast of all that we do to further our mission to preserve and perpetuate the maritime history of the United States.

Marine Art News features original works by America’s most talented marine artists, illustrated with stunning full-color images.


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Sea History 115

Summer 2006
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Sea History 113

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Spring 2002