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Hudson River Sloop Clearwater

The Clearwater is a full-size replica of the 18th and 19th century merchant vessels known as Hudson River sloops. She was built in 1969, when folk singer Pete Singer and a few Hudson Valley residents came together believing that by learning to care for one boat on one river, the public could come to care for all our threatened waterways. To the people who see her broad sails from the shore, her message is a poignant reminder of the potential beauty and wealth of our region’s much-abused and neglected waterways. To the people who sail on her, the message is more intense. Vital knowledge about the Hudson River, New York Harbor, and Long Island Sound is shared. To this day, Clearwater serves as a movable classroom, laboratory, and stage for environmental action.



Clearwater offers a variety of Hudson River-based environmental education programs. Clearwater’s signature program is the “Sailing Classroom” aboard the sloop Clearwater and the schooner Mystic Whaler that has become a model for onboard education programs across the country. Clearwater also offers a variety of onshore programming along the Hudson River in their “Tideline” program as well as in-class programming during which Clearwater brings a bit of the Hudson River to the students. Clearwater’s interactive education programs provide hands-on learning to engage students and promote “learning by doing.” These programs can be catered to various ages and specialized to meet the needs of the students and teachers.