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Hudson River Greenway Water Trail

Hudson River Greenway

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Hudson River Greenway Water Trail

The Hudson River Greenway Water Trail is a National Water Trail open to recreational paddlers of all experience levels. With more than 100 designated access sites, the Water Trail is easily accessible to local and visiting paddlers.

The Hudson River Greenway Water Trail is a partnership that was developed with the goal of providing one or more designated launches and take-outs every 10 miles along both shores of the river, a series of campsites every 15 miles that promote multi-day excursions on the river, and access to as many day use attractions as possible. Day use attractions vary from wildlife marshes, islands and swamps, to historic sites, downtowns and hiking trails. More detailed information is available on their website including boat rentals, maps, and suggested excursions for paddlers of all levels.



The water trail is one of the many efforts of the Hudson River Valley Greenway Organization whose mission it is to continue and advance New York State’s commitment to the preservation, enhancement and development of the world-renowned scenic, natural, historic, cultural and recreational resources of the Hudson River Valley. The goal of the Greenway is to establish a network of multi-use trails along both sides of the Hudson River. Today the Greenway is working to create a system of trails from the northern borders of Saratoga and Washington counties to Manhattan.



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