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Hull Lifesaving Museum

Hull Lifesaving Museum

1117 Nantasket Avenue
PO Box 221
Hull, MA 02045


Hull Livesaving

The Hull Lifesaving Museum is so much more than a museum. Founded in 1978, it is an essential part of the community that for 36 years has provided not only crucial lessons from our maritime heritage, but also life-changing and sometimes life-saving youth development experiences. The museum’s mission celebrates the lifesaving spirit of Skills, Courage, and Caring, and the relevance of our history to its constituents’ daily lives. As one of the region’s leading cultural organizations and agents of social change, HLM challenges its participants to draw the best from themselves by combining social services and experiential education with historical preservation and interpretation.



HLM’s year-round education and recreation programs, serving a diverse constituency, 75% of whom are underserved youth from metropolitan Boston, are broadly recognized as best-practice models. HLM’s program design respects the needs, expectations, and skill level of each participant.