Remembering the "Ship of Miracles"

Staff Officer Robert Lunney (photo courtesy RADM Lunney)

Staff Officer Robert Lunney (photo courtesy RADM Lunney)

In February of 2013, Rear Admiral Robert Lunney presented a talk for the NMHS Charles Point Council seminar series, The Hungnam Evacuation and the Ship of Miracles in the Korean War. RADM Lunney, a longtime friend of NMHS and former president of the NY chapter of the US Navy League, told us about his experience aboard SS Meredith Victory with the extraordinary rescue of 14,000 Korean men, women, and children in December 1950.

RADM Lunney has shared with us this article in last week’s Korea Herald commemorating the anniversary of that momentous event. To learn even more about that amazing rescue, check out the book Ship of Miracles: 14,000 Lives and One Miraculous Voyage, or the documentary video Ship of Miracles.