NMHS Aboard Clearwater!

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hauling 4NMHS guests had a lovely day, a wonderful time and a lot of fun on our cruise aboard the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater!

Pete Seeger built the traditional sloop Clearwater with a mission to “build a boat to save the river”, sailing the Hudson River for decades, spreading the message of environmental stewardship. The cruise took advantage of Clearwater’s award-winning onboard environmental education programming, and we learned how to tie knots, how to identify fish, and much more! After leaving the dock, it was all hands to the halyards to help raise the mainsail to the rhythm of a traditional sea chantey, and then a three-hour sail on a traditional sloop while we became acquainted with the environment of the river.
3885235888_0b67fa246d_oIMG_0902We’d also like to share that Clearwater has a canoe for sale. Hand-crafted in Canada, this birch-bark canoe was gently used for six years, but Clearwater is no longer running the program that the canoe served and would like to see it find a good home. Proceeds from the sale will go to Clearwater’s education programs; the $5,000 asking price would pay for 2 classes to experience an onboard education program. The contact person for this is Education Director Dave Conover,  who can also be reached at 845-265-8080 ext. 7104.