Pilot Whale

whale pod

By Richard J. King By late afternoon on his first day out of Boston Harbor, Bill Pinkney was already out of sight of land. Aboard his 47-foot sailboat, Commitment, Pinkney…

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Born to Sail

children born at sea

In the Age of Sail, ships that traveled the world’s oceans kept their captains and crews away from their families for long periods of time. Whaling ships, in particular, might…

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Freelance Photographer


Daniel Forster is a freelance photographer who specializes in marine and sailing photography. As a freelancer, he is self-employed and often supplements his marine photography with work as an architecture,…

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Marine Traffic Controller

monitors surround the control room

Susan McDonald is a Marine Traffic Controller with the Army Corps of Engineers, stationed along the Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts. She works to ensure the safety of ships and…

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Booby sitting in tree

By Richard J. King Last June, the sailing school vessel Robert C. Seamans got underway from Honolulu, bound for Fiji in the South Pacific. The ship’s crew comprised college students,…

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Dusky Dolphins

Dr. Mridula Srinivasan, NOAA/NMFS/OST/AMD

by Richard J. King The French sailor Bernard Moitessier is perhaps best known for sailing alone a full one-and-a-half times around the world, nonstop, in the Golden Globe Race of…

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Marine Geochemist

Renee Takesue on the rocks provided by USGS

Renee Takesue is a marine geochemist for the Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center of the US Geological Survey (USGS). “Geochemistry is a field that combines chemistry and geology. The…

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birds nesting

By Richard J. King When on his outbound passage aboard HMS Beagle, 22-year-old Charles Darwin failed to see the beauty, intelligence, and the usefulness to humans of the seabirds he…

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Green Turtle

swimming in the Pacific Islands

By Richard King A sea turtle was once caught by a fisherman, caught his own lucky break, but then had the miserable misfortune to be captured a second time by…

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To Sail the Seven Seas

broad spectrum of colors seen through the waves

Most people use the terms sea and ocean interchangeably. Someone going on an offshore voyage might say they are “going to sea” or sailing on the “high seas,” but in…

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