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Seminar Series: Medicine in the Age of Sail with Ray Phillips 7 December 2019

Join us Saturday, 7 December, 2019 for Medicine in the Age of Sail:
an Interactive Seminar with Dr. Raymond Phillips

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Welcome & Refreshments at 10:30 AM, Lecture at 11:00 AM; Potluck Lunch to Follow
Cortlandt Yacht Club · 238 Kings Ferry Road, Montrose, NY

Join us as Dr. Raymond Phillips, a practicing physician with a long interest in medical history, discusses medicine in the Age of Sail – the period lasting roughly from the mid-16th to the mid-19th century in which international trade and naval warfare were dominated by sailing ships. Contrary to a popular misconception, illness and accidents were far more likely causes of death among sailors than enemy action. Sailors’ diseases such as malaria, dysentery and yellow fever were exacerbated by unsanitary conditions, foreign ports and tight quarters aboard ships.  Other devastating conditions, like scurvy, resulted from severe nutritional deficiencies.  How would you treat the injuries and illnesses aboard given the knowledge of doctors at the time?  Come join this interactive seminar and get the doctor’s opinion of these health issues on the high seas.

The Public is invited. Please register here or contact NMHS at 914-737-7878, ext. 0 if you plan to attend. A $5-$10 donation is appreciated. After the lecture, NMHS will host its annual Holiday Potluck Party—please bring a dish, drink or dessert that serves six to eight people.


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