Sea History Today 4: Sea History (Not Just) For Kids – 7 December 2018

Sea History (Not Just) For Kids

Psssttt… want to know a secret? The Sea History for Kids feature in Sea History magazine is pretty popular… with grownups.

Readers tell us all the time that they don’t flip past the Sea History for Kids pages when they read a new issue; they read every page. Who can resist Richard King’s stories about Animals in Sea History, which manage to combine literary classics, the history of seafaring and exploration, biology, and much more, all accompanied by his wonderful illustrations? From the microorganisms of bioluminescence to sperm whales, from barnacles to Great Auks, the Animals in Sea History series is an entertaining look at the living creatures connected to our maritime heritage.

The Maritime Careers series shines a light on the many jobs that might entice someone who has felt the call of the sea… often tying in a maritime component with another talent or focus, such as shipwright, marine artist, or yacht charter broker. These stories are an informative window into the professional world for young people thinking about choosing their own path, and they’re an entertaining read for us grownups as well. Have you ever wondered what life is like as a Coast Guard officer, or professional ocean racer? The Maritime Careers feature gives us a peek into that life.

ocean-racer Shipwright-Krit-Singh2

Other articles pop up as well: the origins of nautical terms of speech, the history of personal flotation devices, a primer on ship’s rigging. Always something fun! You can find a good deal of Sea History for Kids on the NMHS website in a section devoted entirely to this feature, or you can go directly to the source and find the feature in each issue of Sea History magazine, presented online.

Sea History for Kids is made possible by a grant from The Henry L. and Grace Doherty Foundation.

Sea History Today is written by Shelley Reid, NMHS senior staff writer.  Past issues can be read online by clicking here.