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13″ Solid Copper and Brass Anchor Lamp



This classic 13” tall anchor lamp has been used on sailing ships for hundreds of years.

This anchor lamp is hand machined in pure heavy-gauge copper with brass trim. The Fresnel style lens is made to magnify the oil lamp light to be visible for 20 nautical miles. The anchor lamp is named for it’s use. A white light is required to be displayed at the tallest mast on all vessels at anchor or under way at night. These oil burning lanterns were made to be lit and hoisted to the top of the mast with one rope tied to the handle and 2 ropes through the brass guides to keep it from swaying as the ship rolled with the sea.

They can burn for up to 6 hours before refilling. Today electric lights are used but oil lamps such as this one are still kept on-board ships and yachts in case of electrical failure.


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