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Holiday Cards “Marietta: The Mail Line Packet Courier” by John Stobart



Set of 10 Holiday Cards. 

Marietta The Mail Line Packet “Courier” arriving at the Wharfboat on the Ohio in 1875
By John Stobart

Greeting reads: “Wishing you peace and joy this holiday season, with fair winds and following seas in the New Year.”

This scene shows Marietta’s levee from Ohio Street as people are arriving to meet the US Mail Packet Courier following an early snow fall.

Marietta was settled by the Ohio Land Company, made up of a group of Revolutionary War veterans, who had been given warrants in lieu of cash payroll and which they could later exchange for land. Because of its location at the confluence of the Muskingum and Ohio rivers, Marietta became the logical center of transportation for the interior of the Ohio Territory.

John Stobart is preeminent in the field of maritime painting in America. Prior to his arrival to America in 1965, he gained a wide reputation for his portrayals of ships for shipowners worldwide.  After his New York City sell-out debut, the name “Stobart” would become synonymous with the rediscovery of the nation’s lost ports, most having changed beyond recognition in the on-rush of progress.

Stobart then began an effort to bring his artistic ideals to a wider audience through his art and through other means.  His paintings and limited-edition prints are collected internationally and seen by visitors to the Peabody Museum in Massachusetts and the Portland Museum in Maine.  John Stobart’s WorldScape I and II DVDs have enabled him to teach painting to a remote audience and to educate readers through his books on maritime painting.

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