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The Matching Gift Challenge has expired, but you can still support the National Maritime Historical Society with a gift today!  Click here to donate.


Your gift can be multiplied 500% to provide FIVE TIMES the support for our maritime heritage!  NMHS Overseer George W. Carmany III has committed to a 500% match that multiplies the impact of gifts we receive by FIVE TIMES, and we are hoping we can count on your support.  There is no better time than right now to provide enduring support for Sea History magazine, the NMHS website, and the Society’s educational initiatives, ensuring that the National Maritime Historical Society’s mission—serving as America’s voice for our maritime heritage—continues for generations to come.

In order for your tax-deductible gift to be multiplied by up to $10,000 in matching funds, please donate online today.  Gifts received will have 500% the impact, so take advantage of this 5X match and know that no matter the size of your gift, you are helping us preserve our maritime heritage everywhere.

We are incredibly grateful for your support!

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