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Note Cards “Breaking Through-Maine Coast” by Paul Garnett



Set of 10 Note Cards.

Breaking Through-Maine Coast by Paul Garnett

In the early part of the 20th Century, hundreds of fishing schooners out of Gloucester, Maine and Nova Scotia plied their trade off the Grand Banks, making their catch and returning to small harbors from Massachusetts north to the Canadian Maritimes. In winter when many inner harbors froze over, it was common for small tugs to tie on to schooners braking through the ice and enabling the schooners to leave their ice-bound harbor home ports of call.

This painting shows a small private tug towing one of the many great two-masted fishing vessels free of the ice and out into open water off the coast of Maine. The tug is finding her way through a crack in the ice, the schooner tied on, her sail not yet set, a beautiful, crisp winter day ahead.

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