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Ready Then. Ready Now. Ready Always. by CMDR David F. Winkler



Ready Then. Ready Now. Ready Always: More than a Century of Service by Citizen-Sailors coincides with the centennial anniversary of the U.S. Navy Reserve on March 3, 2015.

However, as the title indicates, Americans have been leaving their civilian occupations since the birth of the Navy in 1775 to serve the nation at sea during times of crisis.  This handsomely illustrated narrative aims to tell the story of those civilians’ contributions to the nation’s defense and security.

Besides providing a broad chronology covering how citizen Sailors served as privateers, naval militiamen, National Naval Volunteers, Naval Reservists, and finally simply as Sailors as part of one Navy concept, the author elected to follow numerous individuals on their journeys in the Navy Reserve as representative stories of the millions of Americans who once wore Navy blue part-time. By highlighting the contributions of these individuals, the intent is to honor all who served in the USNR as well as salute their families for their service to country.

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