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2021 National Maritime Awards Show – 6 May 2021

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The National Maritime Historical Society
in association with
The National Coast Guard Museum Association
with the
Naval Historical Foundation

invite you to celebrate the
10th Annual National Maritime Awards
a live online event

as we honor three iconic maritime institutions
The United States Naval Academy
The United States Merchant Marine

The Coast Guard Aviation Association

with presentations by
VADM Sean S. Buck, USN • CAPT Michael D. Emerson, USCG (Ret.)
Drew Forster • Gary Jobson • VADM Al Konetzni, USN (Ret.)

Denise R. Krepp • Lucinda Lessley • ADM James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.)
Ronald L. Oswald • CAPT Wes Pulver, USCG (Ret.) • Dr. Timothy Runyan

entertainment by
Voyage Digital Media & Richardo R. Lopes
The US Naval Academy Riveters 

and featuring the
American Society of Marine Artists Invitational Gallery
hosted by Patrick O’Brien

Thursday, 6 May 2021 at 6:30 PM EST

Watch the video replay of this live online event as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the National Maritime Awards, the annual gathering of the American maritime community to celebrate our country’s maritime heritage. Dinner chairs Denise R. Krepp and VADM Al Konetzni Jr., USN (Ret.) and founding chairman Philip Webster invite you to join the National Maritime Historical Society, the National Coast Guard Museum Association, and the Naval Historical Foundation as we honor those who serve the sea—the US Naval Academy, the US Merchant Marine, and the Coast Guard Aviation Association—for their important roles in the maritime history of our nation.

Founded on 10 October 1845, the United States Naval Academy celebrated its 175th anniversary educating tens of thousands of Navy and Marine Corps officers whose leadership has helped defend the nation and the world for generations. The Naval Academy provides exceptional training for our future leaders, introducing midshipmen to a range of skills and preparing them for a life of service, readying them to contribute as professionals in a variety of arenas—military, government, or the private sector. To date, more than 26 graduates have served in the US Congress, and more than 900 are noted scholars from a variety of academic fields, including 52 Rhodes scholars. Distinguished graduates include two Nobel prize winners, 54 astronauts, 73 Medal of Honor recipients, five state governors, and one US president.  The United States Naval Academy is honored with the NMHS  Distinguished Service Award.  Superintendent of the Academy VADM Sean Buck, USN accepted the award, and VADM Al Konetzni, USN (Ret.) made the presentation.

The US Merchant Marine is honored for the 245th anniversary of its founding. The merchant marine, and all those individuals and institutions who are part of it—merchant mariners, shipping and passenger lines, shipbuilders, veterans’ organizations, port communities, suppliers from tugboats to shipyards, the national and state merchant marine academies, labor unions, members of Congress and the United States Maritime Administration—were collectively honored with the NMHS  Distinguished Service Award.  Lucinda Lessley, Acting Administrator of the Maritime Administration (MARAD) accepted the award, and  Denise R. Krepp made the presentation.

The Ancient Order of The Pterodactyl, known formally as the Coast Guard Aviation Association, received the National Coast Guard Museum Association’s Alexander Hamilton Award for the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first Coast Guard Air Station at Morehead City, NC. The Coast Guard Aviation Association focuses on the recognition of individuals and aircrews who distinguish themselves in the performance of operational missions and critical support. The organization is committed to the preservation of Coast Guard Aviation history from its earliest period to present day. In times of urgent need, the Coast Guard Aviation Association supports families affected by losses on flight operations.  CAPT Michael D. Emerson, USCG (Ret.), president of the Coast Guard Aviation Association, accepted the award, and ADM James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.), 21st Commandant of the Coast Guard, made the presentation.

Gary Jobson, America’s Cup winner and America’s “Ambassador of Sailing,” served as the evening’s Master of Ceremonies. Video introductions were presented by NMHS Vice Chairman Richardo R. Lopes and Voyage Digital Media. Dr. Timothy Runyan presented an update on maritime advocacy in Washington, DC.  Entertainment was provided by the exceptional singers of the US Naval Academy Riveters.


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The National Maritime Historical Society and the National Coast Guard Museum Association are seeking sponsorships from corporations, associations, foundations and individuals who wish to support the work of the American maritime community and to honor the award recipients.  Sponsorship Opportunities from $1,000 to $10,000 and contributions starting at $50 are available online. For more information on sponsorship and advertising specifications, please contact Wendy Paggiotta, Vice President, at or by phone at 914-737-7878, ext. 557.


We are tremendously grateful to our sponsors:

Commodore Sponsors
J.D. Power Family, Susan Curtin
VADM Al Konetzni Jr., USN (Ret.)
Howard Slotnick

Admiral Sponsors
ADM James M. Loy, USCG (Ret.)
Ronald L. Oswald
The Pollin Group, LLC
William H. White

Captain Sponsors
Walter R. Brown
Byers Foundation
Coast Guard Aviation Association
McAllister Towing & Transportation Co., Inc.
Navy League of the United States
CAPT James A. Noone, USN (Ret.)
Dr. Timothy J. Runyan
Transportation Institute
Philip J. Webster
Jeremy Weirich

Individual Sponsors
American Maritime Congress
Deborah Antoine
RADM Joseph Callo, USN (Ret.)
James W. Cheevers
Gerald Cooper
Dr. William S. Dudley
L3Harris Technologies
CAPT Sally Chin McElwreath, USN (Ret.)
Michael C. Morris
ADM Robert J. Papp Jr., USCG (Ret.) & Linda Papp
David Rockefeller Jr.
Richard Scarano & Karen Helmerson
H.C. Bowen Smith
Dr. David & Mary K. Winkler
Jean Wort

Contributing Sponsors
CAPT Patrick C. Burns, USN (Ret.)
Dr. James Seay Dean
Webb Gilmore
William  Green
Lee Gruzen
Independence Seaport Museum & Peter Seibert
Gary Jobson
RADM Eric C. Jones, USCG
Denise R. and Tim Krepp
Alfred Loomis
SUNY Maritime College & Elizabeth McCarthy
Richard Michaux
Capt. Eric Nielsen
CAPT Wes Pulver, USCG (Ret.)


With special thanks to the
2021 National Maritime Awards Committee

VADM Al Konetzni, USN (Ret.) and Denise R. Krepp, Committee Co-Chairs
Philip J. Webster, Founding Chair

Charles B. Anderson  ∙  Capt.  Jonathan Boulware  ∙  John Brady  ∙  Lauren Brand  ∙  Walter R. Brown  ∙  Dr. Robert Browning  ∙  CAPT Patrick C. Burns, USN (Ret.)  ∙  Samuel Byers  ∙  RADM Joseph F. Callo, USN (Ret.)  ∙  Gerald Cooper  ∙  James Seay Dean  ∙  VADM Dirk J. Debbink, USNR (Ret.)  ∙ Ryan Donaldson ∙ Donna Dudley  ∙  Dr. William Dudley  ∙  Drew Forster  ∙  Paul Fontenoy  ∙  David S. Fowler  ∙  Sara Fuentes  ∙  Rilla Gaither  ∙  Burchenal Green  ∙  Kristen Greenaway  ∙  Jay Haigler  ∙  Karen Helmerson  ∙  Howard H. Hoege III  ∙  Gary Jobson  ∙  Dr. Paul F. Johnston  ∙  Amy Lent  ∙  Richardo R. Lopes  ∙  Jessica MacFarlane  ∙  Guy E.C. Maitland  ∙  RADM Edward “Sonny” Masso  ∙  Capt. Jeffrey McAllister  ∙  Elizabeth McCarthy  ∙  CAPT Sally McElwreath, USN (Ret.)  ∙  Drew McMullen  ∙  Capt. James J. McNamara  ∙  Dr. Salvatore Mercogliano  ∙  Kathy J. Metcalf  ∙  Capt.  Eric Nielsen  ∙  CAPT James A. Noone, USN (Ret.)  ∙  Ronald L. Oswald  ∙  Patrick O’Brien  ∙  Wendy Paggiotta  ∙  CAPT Wes Pulver, USCG (Ret.)  ∙  Christopher Rowsom  ∙  Dr. Timothy J. Runyan  ∙  Kamau Sadiki  ∙  Peter Seibert  ∙  Richard Scarano  ∙  Philip Shapiro  ∙   Dr. Joshua Smith  ∙  Irmy Webster  ∙  William H. White  ∙  Jen Wilk  ∙  Dr. David Winkler  ∙  Jean Wort  ∙  Paula Zorensky