Supercarrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) by Robert Gantt Steele watercolor, 14 x 18 inches

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About Our Readers

Sea History is widely recognized as the pre-eminent journal within the maritime heritage field and can be found worldwide in newsstands and bookstores, maritime academies, museums, yacht clubs, sail training organizations, and, of course, in the homes of more than ten thousand maritime enthusiasts. Sea History shares and promotes the awareness of the important role ships and the sea have played in our nation’s history through fascinating stories of seafarers past and present, maritime archaeology, marine art, book reviews, updates on historic ships, and a calendar of events.

Our most recent survey revealed our readers are active, well-educated, avid readers, and collectors.

  • 91% take yearly vacations
  • 79% have a household income over $75,000
  • 83% purchase three or more books per year
  • 76% have purchased books they read about in Sea History
  • 60% collect maritime items and collectibles
  • 45% are boat owners
  • 87% frequent maritime museums
  • 95% are interested in marine art
  • 94% are college-educated; 55% have advanced or professional degrees

When you advertise in Sea History, you reach tens of thousands of individuals who share common interests in both seafaring heritage and educational programs, ensuring that current and future generations understand our rich maritime heritage.

Join our illustrious roster of advertisers, including:

A.G.A. Correa  & Son
American Cruise Lines
Pearl Seas Cruises
Ships of Glass

and so many more!