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In the Pages of Sea History 183

Here’s what’s in the pages of Sea History 183: 




Fiddler’s Green by Burchenal Green

John Stobart (1929-2023)

NMHS bids farewell to acclaimed marine artist and long-time supporter John Stobart (1929–2023).


Naval Architect William Francis Gibbs by Susan L. Gibbs

“A Dream Deferred Never Died”

SS United States is still afloat decades after her retirement, awaiting rescue by way of restoration and redevelopment. The ship’s intregity is testament to the genius of her designer, William Francis Gibbs.


Ironton & Ohio by Richard O’Regan

A Wrecking Event Revealed on the Bottom of Lake Huron.

The discovery of the wreck site of Great Lakes schooner barge that went down in fall of 1894 reveals the tragedy of the night she was lost, taking most of her crew with her to the bottom of Lake Huron.



Enoch Train by Vincent J. Miles

Donald McKay’s Best Customer

Meet Enoch Train, the merchant shipowner behind renowned Boston shipbuilder Donald McKay’s success.

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“Once you’ve seen one ship painting, you’ve seen them all!” by Eric Ruff

What We Can Learn from a Closer Look at Ship Portraiture.

Curator Eric Ruff teaches us what we can learn by zooming in on the details of classic ship portraiture.




Packet Joshua Bates Sailing from Newburyport 1844. Painting by Roy Cross, 1983, courtesy Roy Cross Fine Art.

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